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Thank you for supporting homeless students

in our South Bay community!

Congratulations to our winner #1347!

We reached our goal! Together, we raised $10,000 for homeless students in the South Bay. We already started shopping and all items will be delivered to each of the school districts before winter break. Here is where your money went this holiday season:
  • Chula Vista Elementary School District's Harborside and Vista Square Elementary Schools received books, white boards, dry erase markers, and erasers for 50 homeless students to help with their school work and build their vocabulary and knowledge
  • National School District received 26 sets of hoodies, socks, and shoes for 26 students living in cars to keep them warm this winter
  • San Ysidro School District received 50 zip drives for 50 homeless students to help them be efficient in their studies
  • South Bay Union School District received full-size hygiene kits, socks, underwear, art supplies, stress balls, games, and books for 50 homeless students to improve their holistic health and wellbeing
Because of your generosity, we will be able to support these students throughout the school year with future needs. We look forward to sharing with you the impact you've made on the lives of these children.

Which one of these students is sleeping in a car tonight?


San Diego County has the 4th most homeless residents in the U.S.—23,800

San Ysidro & South Bay Union School Districts have the highest percentage of homeless students
in San Diego

1 ticket ($20)

Keeps 1 student warm this winter with a sweater or blanket

3 tickets ($60)

Provides 2 students with hygiene kits, socks, and shoes to improve their health and safety

5 tickets ($100)

Supports 5 students in achieving their academic goals with books, whiteboards, and dry erase markers

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