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Lou Ann Vogler was an important part of our District, serving as the District's “Web Mistress” for at least two biennium and took our District kicking and screaming into the 21st Century, helping to set up Club websites and our District website. Once Lou Ann accepted a responsibility, she completed that responsibility no matter how difficult. Lou Ann got our Club to accept credit cards and use Square. She completed the process that created our Club's Foundation and was adamant about starting a grant program for the Foundation. She passed away shortly after we implemented our new grant program, which we named the Lou Ann Vogler Memorial Grants Program in her honor.


McAlister Institute
Work for Hope


We awarded the McAlister Institute $10,000 in support of their Work for Hope program. This program is implemented in partnership with the Chula Vista Police Department’s Homeless Outreach Team. The first part of the program consists of interviewing homeless individuals in the South Bay to determine their gaps in self-sufficiency and how to best leverage resources to facilitate their long-term recovery. Part of our grant funding will also support stipends for the homeless individuals who receive supervised work training as part of their case management services. Full wraparound services are provided based on their barriers to employment, including transportation to work, storage for their belongings, toiletries, showers, laundry facilities, lunch, snacks, and water. If they perform well at their jobs, they receive recommendations and referrals for full full-time employment with one of the McAlister Institute’s community partners.

Thank you to the McAlister Institute for ELEVATING and EMPOWERING the homeless in our South Bay community to become healthy, safe, and self-sufficient.

grant & scholarships


Some people dream of success while other people

get up every morning and make it happen.

~ Wayne Huizenga.

Altrusans represent people who wake up every morning and find ways to make things happen. Not only do we find ways to make things happen, but we help others do so as well. This year, we awarded $10,000 to the McAlister Institute for their Work for Hope program to provide work opportunities for homeless individuals in the South Bay.

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